by Ryan Werner

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LONG ARM OF THE RAW Dishing out street justice with the muscle and might Moshing through this prison planet day and night Stomp a couple Nazis and then drink from their skulls Stomp a million bigots and then tear down the wall Long arm of the raw! The president decapitated, shot into space Kick his head and savor the dumb look on his face We’re millions strong and swinging truth just like an axe We’re millions strong and slammin’ hard for peace and thrash Long arm of the raw! Fall into line Rip out some spines Make a racist have a real bad time Fall into line Crush a few jaws Say it loud: we’re the long arm of the raw
Barf Brains 02:01
BARF BRAINS Patrick’s drinking Rumple Minze and water for the rest of us Double shots of the devil’s mouthwash Micah just did fifteen dice shots, happy birthday, idiot Blasting puke on your old apartment Patrick’s passed out wearing just his boxers and some poker chips Trolli gummies in his hands Micah’s found a special offer PBR and shots of Crow Where’s your Kreator seat covers?
LIGHTS THE FUCK OUT Step back from the fire and flames Hardest out in the land of the lame Blood red and been put to the test Fade out, brother, just like the rest Cross the line if you think that you’re mean Living dirt, it’s so hard to stay clean I am the law and the jury, too Hardest hard, way harder than you All guts, dumbstruck Hard as nails Toughest luck Lights the fuck out!
MISERABLE PRICK VS KARL’S MUMMIES Egypt, it’s the land of the dead Karl has got a flying V to shove through your head Ill fated, to the Gods that you pray A Cedar Rapids parking lot is not far away Run and then die The mummies seem to multiply Run and then die Hope the devil’s on your side Run and then die The mummies never stop Run and then die And fucking die a lot Nile, down the river you float Ben has got a beer bong and he opens his throat In black, t-shirts we ride Cargo shorts and goatees like it’s 2009


Written and recorded May 27 - May 31 (except "Miracle Violence" which was written a year or two ago)


released June 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Ryan Werner Cuba City, Wisconsin

Since I can't be in Thin Lizzy, I guess I'll just make ambient music in my basement.

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